the earth is evolving to a 5D consciousness of pure joy, love, truth and oneness with nature.
power structures are collapsing, climate change is accelerating, the idea of materialism is dissolving, technology is becoming more prevalent, shadows of the psyche are being revealed; it’s a pivotal time where what is to be shedded is coming to light so we can work through them and establish a new paradigm.
with more and more people accessing higher realms through plant medicine, spiritual practices or just plain introspection, it is purely up to us if we want to evolve with the earth.
maybe humanity won’t make it. maybe we will. maybe we will integrate AI, maybe they will be the only sentient beings to survive.
whatever it is, I’m rooting for intelligence on earth that respects her, each other and all of creation.
welcome to the ‘new age’. (did you sing that in your head)

you down to ascend? 🌈


everything we hold within leaves an outward expression, an energetic imprint.

as paradigms evolve and we move to a new earth governed by frequency, vibration and our internal landscapes, the intention of all that we do takes a higher priority over the physically perceived action…

we need to see our bitterness, our negative patterns… thank them for what they’ve shown us, get to the root and set ourselves free. with each time we do this, there is a spaciousness we create within… a lightness… that pierces into our own personal hologram of paradise.

when we move from this space we imprint sweetness on everyone we encounter and help in the awakening and evolution of one another.

inward journey

theres a constant cause and effect happening within. untangle it as you get to the root of it. so the knots come undone and understanding can pour through. you are hit with judgement. you feel the impact. it’s scary at first, walk through those doors and peel it open to find it’s core… the light unveiled connects to the synapses outside. making you one with everything -, a pulsating conduit.

the humbling

gratitude for the humbling. it connects us to the earth and strengthens our bond with the ether and brings us down to our knees in surrender, so our eye is open to experience the magick as the sound of a trumpet playfully plays in the distance.
— there’s nothing that separates us from the mystical like the walls we build around our vulnerablity.

the magic of movement

thought patterns sediment in the spaces between, disguised as the truth, as a permanent resident of you. shake up the muddy waters that hold sleeping creatures who’ve lost their way and made a home in your crevices. movement creates necessary disturbance – marinate in the discomfort of clearing all of what’s not meant to stay, what doesn’t resonate with the vibration you hold. celebrate the spaciousness of you, open up to the inflow of the good. let go of the old, make space for the new. shed and grow , ebb and flow – it’s the way the universe works and so do you!